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Political Messages on Placards (CLAC March)

FTAA - Flagrant Theft American Apartheid

Fair Trade Needs No Fences

Mon Quartier Esten Ruine (My Neighborhood Is In Ruins)

Clean Water Vs. Corporate Profits

[background pattern of a fence] Free Trade

Hemispheric Boys' Club

[chant] El Pueblo Unido/Jamas Sera Vencido
The People United/Will Never Be Defeated

Yay For Big Brother

Exploitez Moi! / Exploit Me!

Who Is Free In The Free Market?

Direct Action Gets the Goods

A Liberdade Não Se Negocia (You Cannot Negotiate Freedom)

Always Trust Government

Jai Faim (I'm Hungry)

How Many Fences Must We Cross Before We Get To Meet The Boss?

Mommy - Where Did All the Trees Go?

[yellow smiley-face with hand over mouth] Everything is O.K.

I Am Defending Our Children's Forests

Non à La Dictature Economique

[chant] Free People, Not Free Trade

Autogestion Des Amériques (Autonomy for the Americas)

International Monetary Fraud

[on CLAC van:] You Know the Facts, Now Act!

Attention! Le Blue Bloc Est En Ville

Le Peuple Uni Jamais Ne Sera Vaincu
(The People United Will Never Be Defeated)

The Wall Must Fall / Liberty For All

[swastika]LEA (ZLEA=FTAA)

Fight Big

Quebec Besieged Again

Why Are _You_ Here?

Globalize Liberation Not Corporatization



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