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Buffalo was Beautiful

Buffalo was a different but awesome day of protest. We should have larger gatherings in similar locations in the future.
When activists arrived in Buffalo they quickly realized why Buffalo was such an important staging ground for FTAA protest. Boarded up windows on every street, seemingly endless signs of poverty, and the endless brownfields all around the city told the whole story. To those who were worried about the possibility of property distruction or violence the demonstrators simply said, "Buffalo has enough boarded up windows, this is a city that needs to be saved not destroyed!"

Anarchists and Union members sat in the streets together to display the vast injustices of corporate rule. The garbage Liberation Front (possibly one of the most creative ideas I have seen at any demo - please continue the GLF at future demo's) took to Buffalo's streets to clean up the mess left behind by corporate rule. They were cheered and thanked by Buffalo residents and helped by area children. Buffalo police that were following them were dumbfounded because they looked like the "black-clad terrorists" they had prepared for weeks to take down, yet they were acting contrary to their expectations. Not to hard to outsmart the cops apparently.

Downtown Buffalo, usually a desolate wasteland of boarded up buildings and garbage was reinhabited and cleaned up on A22! Let this be the start of a Buffalo uprising and lets retake our city!



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