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Eyewitness Report from Serbian General Strike - Day 1

Serbian General Strike begins. An Eyewitness account.
Dear friends,
Today (2 October 2000) General Strike started in whole Serbia. We,
anarchists and anarcho-syndicalists from Serbia, are supporting the strike,
even if it is made by opposition which we don't support because of their
nationalistic and neo-liberal views and of course because of our anarchist
believes that political parties are not going to bring anything good to the
people, because we think that taking Milosevic from the power is top
priority now and that ordinary people will benefit from it. Also we hope
that we will have more space for our actions here.
Strike started all over Serbia, including capital Belgrade. Belgrade is
totally closed, main streets are closed down by busses and trams that are on
the stand still. Workers in most of public firms are on strike. Students
from High schools and Universities are protesting also. Proposed strategy by
strikers it that people will start taking over electronic media (which, in
Belgrade especially, are mostly controlled by state) by entering the
buildings and forcing state people out. Milosevic is in panic, he was forced
for the first time to talk himself on television, accusing people who are
striking of being paid by NATO.
Situation in small cities is even better for strikers RTS
(Radio-Television Serbia) locals in few cities stopped announcing state
informations and started informing people about real situation in Serbia.
Our anarcho-syndicalist friends from Cacak (small city in Serbia) told us
that Cacak is totally blocked, that only institution that is working is one
elementary school in which policemans are in, it is planned expulsion of
those policemans out. Also main highway is blocked.
That is news for now. When I have more time I'll send some fresh news...

Anarcho-syndicalist greet!


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