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Still waiting for answers from labour for these GREAT QUESTIONS

Read, respond.
Good questions for labor
by "nobody" 10:58pm Sun Apr 22 '01

These are good questions... let's have some union people address them... let's see how they do without someone to intimidate or maim.
Questions for Labor
by Justice 10:29am Sun Apr 22 '01

Labor is hereby notified that the carnival has ended and the class struggle has begun.
50 years of cooperation with the capitalist class is 50 years too long. The workingclass cannot endure this destruction of our future.

The class struggle agenda is as follows:

(1) Why did labor serve the FTAA conference instead of going on strike?

(2) Why did labor build the illegal perimeter fence in Quebec City instead of going on strike?

(3) When is labor going to get the message that the goal of these protests at these capitalist trade conferences is to shut down the capitalist trade conferences?
Until labor exercises its right and duty to political strikes, all criticisms from labor of the young people who tried to tear down the anti-democratic, illegal and despicable perimeter fence are out of order.

(4) When is labor going to stop building prisons, demand the money be spent on schools instead, and kick the prison guards and police out of labor unions?

(5) When is labor going to stop supporting capitalist politicians, like the Democrat-Republicans, and instead support the only representatives of the working-class, the socialist candidates?

(6) When is labor going to lead all peace demonstrations, stop producing all war machines and materials and stop volunteering for military service?

(7) When is labor going to demand that Labor Day in the USA be changed from the first Monday in September to May 1st?

Right - On!
by chicago labor union death threat victim 11:55am Sun Apr 22 '01
to terrorized to display address

In my five years in a chicago union, i met TWO people who even knew what a wildcat strike is.

In Europe, in the first fifty years of the labor movement, this complicity with the owners of capital was called National Socialism. Labor, law enforcement and the military were all rolled into a class (uber alles). This led to a movement in the dominant culture of northern Europe of white-Supremecy called Nazism.

Since todays unions in North America are multi-cultural, though strictly segregated, a similiar privilege structure has emerged, mimicing neo-colonialsm, and serving the same purpose of structuring society with a significant buffer between the rich and poor of a THUG CLASS of overfed workers and cops, i.e. the industrial unions, fraternal order of police, teamsters, etc.

Read Jimmy Hoffa Jr.'s current writings and you will see shadows of European National Socialism, i.e. mein kampf etc.

apologist institutional communists and democratic party hacks beware my wrath! :[

Steelworker Leaders
by one 12:51pm Sun Apr 22 '01
mahatma_aramathea (at)

I want to extend a heartfelt "FUCK YOU!" to the leaders of the steelworkers union who marched with us to the perimeter fence, all the while chanting, "So-so-so-solidarite!" and then ordered their people down the hill away from the fence.
The rest of us got tear gassed about 10 minutes later!

And a THANK YOU for those who stayed!



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