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Eyewitness Report from Serbian General Strike - day 3

Report on third day of General Strike in Serbia.
Dear friends,
News from Serbia. Every day more and more people are organizing in
General Strike. Milosevic regime is enforcing new represion messures, again,
for us that is sign that he is weekening with every day of our protest. The
Strike is taking a new form. Now not only that all the cities in Serbia are
blocked, and that there is a great walk organised through Belgrade, but now
local communities in Belgrade organize in their parts of the city after walk
through Belgrade, and are blocading streets in their districts.
Today, again, we blocked city and university. We walked through biggest
streets in Belgrade, and to the New Belgrade (New part of the city) in which
we visited Student City (part of the town where sutdents from small cities
who are studing in Belgrade are living). People from all over the town
greeted us, and showed us their support.
Miners that are striking or 4 days now, got ultimatum by the police that
if they don't stop striking by 16h p.m. police will start forcing them, but
huge number of people (100.000) from all over Serbia went to those mines
when they heard that report, and now strike is still going on in mines.
Urgent situation papered at University of Belgrade. Four Deans were
change, among them Philosophical university den. The man who is now a new
dean is well known fascist professor from the university. We are not going
to give out the university this easy! Blockade of university was announced
by students. Now still there are some people in side university blocking it.
For tomorrow the greatest strike is planned in Belgrade. People from
all over Serbia are coming there. It is planned that we will enter media
houses tomorrow. Most of us think that tomorrow is the day of decision.
We, anarchist, made contact with organization of protest, we connected
them with independent unions and now we are together with them trying to
organize this strike as good as we can.

I'm sorry because this message is this short. But now I'm going back to
university and I don't have much time for writting mails.

Anarcho-syndicalist greet!


"If I can't have a revolution, what is there to dance about?"
Albert Meltzer

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