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Some are treated fairly, others are not
15 Chicagoans were arrested in Quebec this weekend. They are being charged
with illegally entering the country, although we all know they were waved
through Detroit. They have all been separated from each other because they
were talking and the police didn't want them to talk. One is being treated
well and has been allowed to call his wife. He should be out today
(Monday). However, reports from another suggest that they are being
treated differently depending on where they were sent to. One member is
being treated "more like a war criminal" than a political dissenter. He
has not been allowed to see a lawyer. Police pretend they don't know
English and the interpreters pretend they don't know French. He did
finally today get to speak with his mother. His conditions have recently
improved, but reported that some people are being treated HORRIBLY. They
were first packed together in cells, but are now spread out. They were fed
bread and cheese and just today had their first meal. He reports that he
is being treated decently compared to others. His mother called the
embassy who sent out a counselette? person who is trying to get observers
to the jail. There was a scheduled hearing today, but it did not occur.
The counselette? person says they will appear before a judge via video.!?
The member has a medical condition and did see a doctor after 36 hours in
the jail. The doctor just said "ok" and that's it. I have no idea what
happened about that.

At least one member who went separately from this group from Chicago is
back in Chicago and is keeping contact with them. At least one member is
still in Quebec and is working to help them out.

So far, the legal services have been free and they do not expect any
problems financially, but that has yet to be determined.



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