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Eyewitness Report from Servian General Strike - Final Report

Final Report from Serbia.
Dear friends,
We won! I don't have enough words to describe to you all how do we all
feel now in Yugoslavia! Last night, after burning parliament and national
television celebration started. People were going around kissing and hugging
each other, you could see on every face smile or tears of happiness. During
the night small groups of most violent anti-milosevich people went around
city destroying headquarters of Milosevicis (now) ex-party "Socialistic
Party of Serbia". There were some looting reported but those were only
isolated cases. There was music in the streets, people were dancing with
"Let the Sunshine in" and other great songs.
University is free also. There was no need for any of us to continue
sleeping inside of it, now when there was nobody left who wanted to take
university from us. Today and in next few days we, students, will take over
all of the institutions and locals which once were student governed and were
taken from us by the state.
Milosevic couldn't go without spilling some blood, there is reported two
deaths and big number of ingured people, that was last evil thing that he
did to us! He apparently fly away from Yugoslavia, it is pity that he will
not get what he deserves.
Now we have to understand that we have another enemy to fight with. New
president is also nationalist, strong one, with neo-liberal economical
policy. We, anarchists, will have to organise resistance to them. As I
earlier sad, we supported General Strike against Milosevich because we think
that we will have more space for our actions, and we hope that we will have
that space now.
What this strike showed? It showed that the idea of General Strike is
not outdated as some people said, it showed that when people are boned with
the same goal (taking Milosevich out of the power this time) and have enough
solidarity they can do everything! Now it is time that we start working on
an International Social General Strike, which will stop capitalistic system
and crush states.
At the end I would like to apologize for my imperfect English, all the
reports were written in the hurry so I didn't have time to check grammar but
I hope that all of them were readable. Also I would like to thank to
everybody who sent messages of solidarity to us, it is of outmost importance
to us to see that International Solidarity is not just a fancy word
everybody is using.
Goodbye to you all, from a society which made one big,again only one,
step towards freedom!

Anarcho-syndicalist greet!


"If I can't have a Revolution, what is there to dance about?"
Albert Meltzer



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