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Greens Threatened with Arrest at "ComEd " Earthday

Greens Threatened with Arrest at ComEds Earthday. Solar Power to the People. Protest of ComEd corporate cooptation of Chicago Earthday activities. Original post: Bob Rudner, Chicago Greens Don't be fooled by corporate greed draped in ecological symbolism.--efraser
Fellow Greens,

This morning before the opening ceremony with ComEd, et al at their private Earthday, several Green Party activists were threatened with arrest for carrying illicit signage (anti-ComEd signs). We refused to
go, and we toook down the name of the plain clothesman. As the stage was being set with Mary O'Toole, speaker from ComEd , Howard Learner, Environmental Law and Policy Center, Mark Burger, Spire and Jesper Michaelson, NEG Micon, Betsy Altman of Chicago Earthmonth asked Howard
to keep us down if we disrupt the proceedings. Howard proudly and loudly refused, saying, "We're all adults! I will not keep them down."

With that, the placards came out baring bright suns and well lettered messages against nukes and for solar power. Cameras from CLTV and a reporter from the Sun-Times did interviews along with U of C Free Press. Most of the people there were anti-ComEd. Dave Kraft from Nuclear Energy Information Service made his statement, and joined us walking out.

When we walked out we went to the Real Earthday on the south side with a thousand union people and supporters marching from the Hendrick's steel plant and protesting FTAA, etc.

Below is our statement to the Powers of Darkness. We will not be moved by these corporate coopters of Earthday. Beware: The Red Squad is back and we Greens are on their list.


Delivered April 21, 2001 10am:

To Ms. Mary O'Toole, ComEd Environmental Services

In Earthdays 1990 and '98, amorphous silicon cell inventor Stanford Ovshinsky galvanized audiences in Chicago with his photovoltaic message. Economy of Scale has not been achieved in all these years. Companies making nuclear money succeeded in siphoning billions from the
government while seeing to it that little or no funds and incentives were made available for photovoltaic financing to obtain critical mass.

There is no technology more revolutionary than Photovoltaics (PVs). Half the world has no electricity. It is well understood that most poor people are unable to access power grids. Remote generation is crucial. PVs can bring the necessary and appropriate electification to the world. Yet no government program has been set into motion to attain these ends. The Manhattan Project gave birth to the civilian nuclear industry, leaving generations yet born to pay for their wastes. Hundreds of billions have subsidized nukes with only a pittence to solar power.

Meanwhile, Exelon is planning for Pebble Bed Modular Reactors (PBMR) for sites in America, such as the one they are currently co-building in South Africa. ComEd's Dresden, Illinois reactor site could be a site for this "new bread of reactor." Exelon may try to pass this off as a remedy to Greenhouse Gas emissions. No respectable ecologist will buy that, no matter how many Earthdays ComEd buys.

Greens accuse ComEd / Exelon of "Photovoltaic Camouflage: Wrapping Nukes in Solar Cells."

We in the Green Party expose this fraud to the light of day. The people will hang ComEd's assets out to dry!

Solar Power to the People!



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