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Cops Shut Down Medical Center at Gunpoint

Caitlin, an eyewiitness at the CMAQ ( center has given a description of riot cops shutting down the medical center down the street from the CMAQ center. They forced everyone out at gunpoint, guns level and with red beams affixed, stripping them of their supplies. The police only commanded, "Get out, get out," if even that. They ripped gas masks off of those who had them. The police, with no visible identification, had their own riot gear on with helmets down. The building has now been cut off from service.

Caitlin was panicking, worried about not falling over as she was being pushed down the stairs. The police were confused, as they first the people to move in one direction, then reversed them. On the outside of the building, people were running. Some had entered the building to escape the noxious tear gas as Caitlin and the others were being pushed down the stairs.

She saw six riot police surrounding one person and beating (him). She was unable to see the person because of the police's bodies. She heard sounds coming from (him) that she "has never heard coming from a human being before."

On the outside they made everyone, including the medics and their patients, walk in two-by-two lines up Cote D'Abraham toward the perimeter.



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