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Suffering in the CMAQ

The CMAQ is filled with gas from a recent spray at the top of the stairs. It is hell. But we are still working.
For the past 30 or so minutes police
have been spraying teargas down
the stairs toward the CMAQ. As
people have run into the office from
the streets they have brought the
gas with them. It is miserable, but we
continue to work.

There is something truly unique about the dedication of the
peeps at the CMAQ. The room reeks of gas. Everyone is
coughing and blowing their noses. People are calling for
medics is a variety of spaces.

Outside in the hallway, people escaping the gas are
standing. It is impossible to get to the restroom to clean the
gas off, without inhaling more. My lungs are so damaged
from the past two days, that I am having a terrible time
breathing and I am only in the office. I can't go outside. My
face is also itching again and I feel terrible.

I've been feeling sick for the past couple of hours. I
definately blame it on the gas, because unlike other places
where gas has been used, it can't be escaped. The streets
are filled with gas, hours after it is sprayed. The indoor
locations, which have been contaminated, haven't seemed
to air out at all.

Currently 10 CMAQ journalists are fanning a baby, who is
crying in the office. The baby continues to cry in pain.

To be perfectly honest, I can't really think right now. I'm
writing it to tell all of you, that we will continue producing
coverage. Even when it is really difficult to, even when
what's going down in the streets=what's going down
upstairs, or in the building itself. We have to, because the
corporate media won't.

**An update: the cops have retreated from the top of the
stairs. On their way out, they sprayed a huge amount of
teargas. Nice way to say goodbye.**

**Another thing: This will probably be my last post from
Quebec, unless something really terrible happens...I am
supposed to be back in DC by Monday, but with all the
ridiculous shit the cops are pulling, it is impossible to tell if I
will get out of this hell today...or tomorrow.**



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