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Protests Escalate

The wall has been broken in several more sections today. Vast quantities of tear gas have been shot at protesters. A car is a flame. It's chaos...
The solidarity chants and songs of the union march, which appeared to be more than 30,000 strong, was interupted periodically by people screaming in pain.

"Why are they spraying us? We are peaceful!" one yelled as teargas from the intersection of Autoroute Dufferin and Cote d'Abraham streamed over the massive crowd. On the whole the union members were unprepared for the teargassing, because their march had a permit.

Several blocks away at the intersection of Autoroute Dufferin and Cote d'Abraham, protesters were prepared for the gas. Many had gas masks, goggles, or vinegar soaked bandannas, but the gas was too intense. Unlike yesterday, where the wind blew the gas back in the direction of the cops, today, it is flowing directly toward the protesters. And, in an already teargas filled environment, it is very difficult to breathe.

Currently at rue Saint Jean, the protesters have created another breach in the wall. It is confirmed that 15,000 union members and black bloc members are inside the perimeter and there is heavy teargas. Also confirmed, a car is on fire from a teargas canister at Saint Jean. There is more teargas going off at Rene Levesque and in general, Quebec City is a mess.



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