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Action at freeway entrance, 10:00 pm

20 April 01- Tear gas, 200 police, 1000 protesters.
20 April 01, 10 PM: Over roughly one thousand people converged at the corner of Cote d’Abraham and Dufferin between the highway entrance and the security perimeter. Ringed on two sides by at least 200 riot police both inside and outside the fence, the protesters were repeatedly fired on with tear gas canisters. Between 10:00 and 10:15, over one dozen canisters were fired into the crowd. Some of these were thrown back at the police line by Red Bloc members. One canister landed on a couch that lay near the fence, which swiftly caught fire and billowed think black smoke into the night air. The crowd at one point began to run south, away from the police line, but were reminded by their loudmouthed compatriots to “Walk! WALK!” The protesters appeared tense but remained non-violent. Many of those involved were locals of St Jean Baptiste, the neighborhood in which the confrontation took place. As of 10:15 PM Quebec local time, the crowd was being pushed east on Cote d’Abraham by clouds of tear gas, with no end to the confrontation in sight.



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