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Join the International Day of Solidarity Against the FTAA by protesting the consequences of free trade here in Chicago! Rally and March Against the FTAA on April 21st starts at 11:30 a.m. at 48th and Western outside the closing Hendrickson Spring Steel Plant.
The Free Trade Area of the Americas is being negotiated secretly this week, while the effects of NAFTA continue to harm workers and the environment. The FTAA will expand NAFTA to the 34 countries of the western hemisphere (excluding Cuba), and will increase the mobility of investment and the vulnerability of the public sector.

Join us as we gather outside the closing Hendrikson Spring Steel Plant to protest the FTAA. We will gather at 11:30 a.m. on April 21st at 48th and Western, the site of Hendrickson Spring, which is closing and moving to Mexico and Canada. Leo Gerard, USWA International President, will speak, along with workers who have been affected by the closing of the plant. This is followed by a march up to McKinley Park at 38th and Western where we will hear music, see some street theater and hear from religious, community, politcal and union leaders.

Join our brothers and sisters across the hemisphere and let it be known that we won't take another rotten trade deal!

For More Information: call JwJ at 312-787-5868 ext. 137

Protest Sponsored by: United Steelworkers of America, Jobs with Justice, American Friends Service Committee, SEIU Local 1, Chicago Greens, Left Turn, DSA-Chicago Chapter, UE District 11, Labor Party - Chicago Chapter, SEIU Local 73, UNITE!, AFSCME Local 2858 and a Growing List...



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