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Anarchy in the states; a reality tv show...

and the winner is;
Unless small scale demonstrations and or actions start to become common place across the entire country, it seems that the anarchist movement in the states will continue to remain on the fringes.
Despite the widely received attention all of the right wing militias received during the 90’s (waco, ruby ridge Oklahoma etc…)membership and visibility among these groups has not grown much. Though it seems an absurd comparison, its quite arguable that the dominating white middle class does not differentiate such left and right wing groups, and alienates them equally. So then where does one go? How does one transform the extreme into the ordinary? In nazi-Sequa israel, it has become ordinary for air sirens to go off, informing the citizens that they should take shelter, and break out the gas masks. This would seem insane to amerikas white middle class, because it is not a common occurrence. Rioting in ohio is just as alien to them, (and to think of what insane ideas, experiences and empirical data must pop into their little heads when contemplating such events), because it is not a common occurrence. Therefore it is quite obvious (and mundanely common sensicle) that a repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat of any experience needs to occur for something to move from the fringe to the mainstream. Just look at what the likes of nirvana, the cure, the chili peppers and janes addiction did for (or too) “fringe” music in this country, it was distilled, amerikanized (amerika never gets assimilated, as it does all the assimilating)and set the formula for mass produced replicas. Very young children now don nose rings.
The idea of truth being simplistic is quite sickening, but it seems to fit quite nicely in this situation. Amerikans will have no problem throwing the memory of three or four massive demonstrations a year (they heard about via cbs) into the very back of their heads, only to replace those neural pathways use with new experiences, more relevant to their own little lives. However, when Amerikans are held hostage in blocked traffic once or twice a week, when images of protestors being arrested replace images of black amerikans being arrested for economic crimes on the nightly news, when water cooler gossip focuses on how the corporations swindled them into an extra hour a day of work in the 90’s, (no more 9-5, its now 9-6),pushing these fringe ideas into the back of their heads will be impossible, because it will no longer be on the fringe. Maybe then, will they dabble in conversations pertaining to the ills of capitalism and all the other isms, but until then, you will only be seen as freaks, and remain powerless. It is all too possible, though requires great effort, and commitment.



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