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Update 6: Breaking News from Occupied Palestine

Thousands march in funeral processions held throughout Palestine today for those Palestinians killed yesterday. Despite latest reports of a truce agreement in the wake of Mubarak/Arafat/Albright meeting at Sharm al Sheik, clashes continue at Netzarim Junction in Gaza. Massive demos predicted for Friday 10/6. Stay tuned.
Breaking News - 5 October 2000, Web posted 5:30 PM GMT+2
September 2000 Clashes

Funeral processions took place throughout the West Bank, Gaza and 1948 Palestinian areas for those who died yesterday.

Thousands of Palestinians participated in the funeral of Ayman Deeb Al Louh, 21 years old from Gaza who died from ammunition to his head fired from Israeli helicopters at Netzarim Junction. Early in the morning, protesters tried to reach Netzarim junction but were held back by PA police forces. However, following the funeral, Palestinian police could no longer hold back protesters, and clashes resumed at Netzarim Junction. Clashes have thus far resulted in the
death of Mahmoud Saleh Abu Sbeiteh, 25 years old from Shuja'iyeh in Gaza. At least 10 others have been injured. No further details available at this point.

Salameh Sleeman Zaidan from Aqbet Jabar Refugee Camp near Jericho died this morning in Ramallah Hospital from injuries sustained on Tuesday.



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