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Resist FTAA (Border Crossing)

Four indepedent journalists affiliated with the Chicago Independent Media Center arrived safely in the Québec Province of Canada yesterday.

The journey was a smooth one, including the process of answering four straightforward questions from the Customs Service of Canada at the border. People seeking entry were asked no more than four questions about their intentions in visiting Canada. While Canadian authorities had questioned people arriving from the US and Mexico about their intended destination, at no point was anyone turned away who appeared to be headed for destinations other than Québec City.

Organizers at a welcome center in Montréal (Concordia University, 2149 Mackay St., 514-939-3640) reported an expected turnout of protestors of about 40,000. He verified a total of 100 buses travelling from all parts of Canada to Québec City for protest activities.

Another welcome center has been set up in the fenced-in city itself. North of the security perimeter, at 801 4e Ave. Centre de Horizon, travellers will be welcomed as they arrive from all across the Western Hemisphere to challenge the trade policies being discussed behind closed doors at the Summit of the Americas, a world-trade organization meeting in Québec City on April 20.

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