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Guatemalan Communities of Populations in Resistance to begin U.S. Tour

Although a peace accord signed by the Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity and the Guatemalan government and army put an end to that country's 36-year civil war, many of the root causes of the conflict remain unsolved. The Communities of Populations in Resistance will tour the United States to explain many of the shortcomings of the peace process, as well as the renewed efforts to bring about real, substantial change to Guatemala's semi-feudal economic and social structure.
Four Mayan leaders from the CPR-Sierra (Communities of Population in Resistance from the Sierra), Guatemala will speak at Chicago area universities, churches, and community based organizations as part of a national lecture series “Surviving Peace” that will address the Maya culture and survival in post-war Guatemala. This tour will travel to Chicago, Boston, Tucson, Denver, and Philadelphia and is hosted by Raices Culturales Latinoamericanas of Philadelphia, PA, and Casa Guatemala of Chicago, IL.

The lecture series is an opportunity to hear from Mayan-Guatemalan leaders directly affected by the 36-year internal conflict in Guatemala and their continued struggle for a dignified life for their community through implementation of the Peace Accords. These CPR-Sierra leaders will speak on a variety of issues such as Maya tradition, women’s participation in the new politico-economy, and the current work of the CPR-Sierra to create sustainable communities. The group includes Nazaria Tum Sanic, the leading woman spokesperson for the organization, a Maya traditional priest (shaman), a health worker, and an elected leader.



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