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Update Cincinnati: 218 arrests 2nd night curfew. Thomas funeral today.

Online coverage from inside the church for the Timothy Thomas funeral. Curfew's Second Night: 218 More Arrests. Curfew To remain In effect. Many links about the Cincinnati protests and riots.
For online live pictures from inside the church for police murder victim Timothy Thomas's funeral: --TV channel 9. -- TV channel 5.
Video, audio, text, photos, breaking news and more about the Cincinnati Ohio protests, riots, killings of 4 blacks by police in the last 6 months, investigations, politics, etc.. 15 blacks killed by police since 1995. No whites.

Corporate and progressive news URLs: --TV 9. Video, audio, text, photos. --TV 5. Video, audio, text, photos. --Various news sources compiled. --Cincinnati Enquirer. --Cincinnati Post. --alternative weekly. Early firsthand reports. --Yahoo Full Coverage.

Check the AP wire to watch for Cincinnati articles to show up: --AP text.

For breaking news, check with the Ohio Valley Independent Media Center at



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