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Palestine Solidarity Rally and March - Friday, Oct. 6, Noon -Tribune Towers

As fighting intensifies today in the West Bank and Gaza Strip following the collapse late Wednesday of the Paris talks, (over 70 Palestinians killed, and 2500+ wounded to date) the Coalition for Palestinian Rights announces another emergency demonstration at Tribune Towers on Friday, October 6, followed by a march on Chicago's Israeli Consulate.
The Coalition for Palestinian Rights, a broad based group comprised of dozens of Arab American community organizations, mosques, churches, women's associations and student groups, will join with other community organizations and progressive groups across Chicago on Friday, October 6 at Tribune Towers for an emergency rally and march to the Israeli consulate to demand a halt to the latest wave of Israeli attacks against Palestinian living under occupation.

Endorsers include the Eight Day Center for Justice, Pueblo Sin Fronteras, the Latino Organization of the Southwest, the National Lawyers Guild, Nicaragua Solidarity Committee, Casa Guatemala, the Puerto Rican Cultural Center, Prairie Fire Organizing Committee, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, Southwest Youth Collaborative, Neighbors Against Police Brutality.

The Coalition for Palestinian Rights urges activists and groups from the peace and social justice movement to come out and express their solidarity with the Palestinian people and would welcome your endorsement.

For information, please contact the Arab American Action Network (Hatem) at (773) 436-6060



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