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Rebellion in Cincinnati!

Cincinnati residents continue to protest the brutal police killing of 19 year old Timothy Thomas. Cincinnati Mayor Charlie Luken declares "state of emergency" and places city under curfew.
Thomas, unarmed, was gunned down while trying to flee from a white Cincinnati police officer who attempted to arrest him on a number of misdemeanor warrants, and is the fourth Black man killed by the Cincinnati police in the last six months. As police attempted to quell the demonstrations Tuesday with tear gas, rubber bullets, and pepper spray, hundreds of angry demonstrators roamed the streets, trashing stores and barricading downtown intersections. Over 60 protestors were arrested, at least 20 hospitalized with injuries, and many more were treated for injuries on the scene. Police in riot gear have surrounded City Hall, as demonstrations spread throughout the city. On Wednesday evening, Cincinnati Mayor Charlie Luken threatened to unleash the National Guard within the next 48 hours after a police officer was shot during the full day of street protests. On Thursday, Luken declared a state of emergency and placed the city under a 8 PM-6AM curfew. For the latest breaking news, video and photos, check out the following links:



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