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FBI Farce

Story out of Soprano country
Buda-bing Buda-boom!
FBI rubs truth up the wrong way
Massage parlour in garden state center of allegations of dirty deeds.
Scenes sraight out of the sopranos.recently,at the Ultima spa in Lido,NJ.
Bergan county detectives raided the premises and arrested 16 of the 137 people
inside,including owner Luke Hoffman, for engaging in sexual activities.
Not arrested were 21 off-duty police from neighbouring Hudson county who
happened to be in the club that is licensed as a "health spa"
The raid followed allegations that federal authorities forced local police to
trump up charges against a woman who complained the spa was operating as a
The charges were invented,Bergen county prosecutor william Schmidt said,
to protect Mr Hoffman,37,because he was an FBI informant.
He said an FBI agent prepared the case against Millie Nevin with the
"advice and consent" of the US attorney's office in Newark.
Ms Nevin,24 had complained to police that mr hoffman offered her ajob at the
spa provided she had sex with customers.She said two FBI agents visited
soon after,asked if she had a gun,arrested her and led her off in handcuffs.
"I feel there was a terrible abuse of power."
A women was arrested for telling the truth"

Mr Schmidt added that he would dismiss the charges.



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