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Boycott PictSweet Mushrooms

The UFW requests a boycott of PictSweet Mushrooms
Almost 300 workers at PictSweet Mushroom Farms in Ventura County north of Los Angeles need your help. Workers haven't had a union contract since
1987, when plant ownership changed hands, despite numerous attempts to negotiate.

The workers at PictSweet earn substantially less than their fellow workers employed at fresh mushroom ranches where there are UFW contracts.
Meanwhile, company management continues to ignore the concerns of the workers and demonstrates a total lack of respect to the workers. On-the-job
injuries result from the company's indifference towards the workers.

Workers believe PictSweet is illegally attempting to get rid of the UFW, despite their overwhelming support for the union in order to avoid granting the
workers their hard-won legal right of a UFW contract.

PictSweet workers have put themselves on the line for an UFW contract.

Join them. Make a difference.

Boycott all PictSweet brand mushrooms and frozen foods!

For more information call the UFW at 213-387-1974



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