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Subtle Sabatoge of Corporate Media

Think the corporate media is full of lies? Tag a newspaper machine!
I hereby propose to all those who are disgusted with corporate media that every corporate newspaper post on every street corner throughout the country be defaced with the message 'LIES,' making it difficult, but still possible to read the front cover of the daily paper.

In my city, 'LIES' has been tagged throughout the city on news posts, particularly those belonging to USA Today. Just recently, I noticed USA Today replaced many of the stands. This subtle act of sabatoge requires only a black marker and a target.

While tagging 'LIES'on a newspaper posts understates the very complex problems of a merging corporate dominance over media, selective publishing, censorship, and the general business bias of corporate media, tagging 'LIES' is a political statement that can, if seen often enough, begin to seep into the consciousness of the ordinary, American pedestrian. If tagging can become a national sabatoge phenomenon, then people will not be able to deny that a loss of faith in the institution of American media is beginning to surface.

So grab a black marker, take two seconds out of your day, and tag a corporate news post with 'LIES'!



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