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CHA Consolidation Plan May Breed Violence

I'm a freelance writer and a community activist, but I'm a resident and tenant of Chicago's Robert Taylor Homes. Today's column deal's with the resident concerns with this development and soon to be with others if the Chicago Housing Authority gets its way.

The residents have a grave concern about the CHA Winterization-Relocation-Consolidation plan that two more buildings in the Robert Taylor development will soon be closed down, 4444 S. State St., and 4410 S. State St. It was was recently learned that the CHA has plans to combine these buildings with 4555 S. Federal and 4535 S. Federal, and 4429 S. Federal. But due to the social illness and the social issues that plague this community, such as the drugs and the gangs, this would be a very bad decision on the CHA's part.

That would be like combining two rival gangs along with innocent residents in the same buildings, and if that is the case, you will end up with a blood bath, and the streets of Chicago will run red like a river of blood spilled from many innocent victims.

CHA is very much aware of the social illness and the social issues that plague this community, such as the violence that errupted like an overactive volcano throughout the summer months that left six people dead, and a young child shot while she lay sleeping her bed. It is what also kicked off Congressman Bobby Rush's campaign to hold a Leadership Conference conerning the violence. So you already know that there is a growingepidemic of a problem in the community.

If they combine these buildings, they are asking for an instant repeat of the violence. Due to our concerns, we ask that the CHA re-evaluate this decision, or we will seek a legal injunction to prevent the killing and start the healing.

The residents of Robert Taylor protested and held a news conference concerning this on Aug 30, so there is a real growing fear here. They have also signed more than 300 names to a petition concerning this very issue.

What the residents are trying to do is prevent the killing and start the healing within our community; for our child's fate, do not consolidate, build first, don't put our kids in a hearse.

We the residents would like to know where from the CHA where the resident's safety is concerning their lives in the demolition plan. We already know that the CHA is two years ahead in the demolition decision and plans, at at least six months behind in the plan to build low income housing. Why is that? And once again we are asking, "Where is the justice in that?" Our children deserve a life, without the chaos, mayhem and strife. We need a moritorium now!

CHA, you need to hold more meetings in the developments, and get more residents' input, and also hold meetings concerning those Section 8 housing chioce vouchers and tell the people the pros and cons, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God. No more lies!

People wishing to get involveed in the housing issue should contact the following:

Coalition To Protect Public Housing
(312) 280-2298

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