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Just Another Day For Little Israel

Just another day, won't even make the news. Let's see, last week they "accidently" shot 2 UN workers to death. The week before they "accidently" shot to death the head UN worker (in the back, using a sniper from 30 meters, no less). Jeez. Now they've "accidently" shot an Egyptian (again with a sniper). They Also shot and "wounded" a bunch of Palestinain school kids who threw rocks at tanks (but this is OK because it was on purpose).

Egytpian soldier accidentally wounded by IDF fire
near border By and Arnon Regular, Ha'aretz Correspondents, and Agencies

An Egyptian soldier was accidentally shot by an Israeli sniper Monday when the IDF
trooper fired at a Palestinian youth trying to cross the border into Gaza near Rafah. The
Egyptian is being treated for neck and foot wounds at a Rafah hospital.....

At the southern end of Gaza, in the town of Rafah, soldiers demolished 16
shacks, leaving more than 200 people homeless, said the mayor, Saed Zoarab.

The IDF said the buildings were abandoned structures used by Palestinian
gunmen as cover when firing on Israeli soldiers and detonating explosives. Palestinians
are not allowed to enter the area, which is very close to the Jewish settlement of Morag,
the army added.

In Nablus, hundreds of Palestinian school students threw stones at Israeli soldiers
enforcing a curfew. Troops fired, wounding seven protesters, including a 15-year-old who
was in serious condition,
doctors said.

Samaria police interrogated Monday a young Israeli man living in the Havat Gilad
settlement outpost on suspicion of attacking a Palestinian, Israel Radio reported. The
Palestinian, a resident of the West Bank village of Til, complained to the police that he
was attacked by settlers, who beat him with clubs...



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