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Residents in Warrenville Attack Beavers with LETHAL traps, Because the damm the beavers built created a pond. The pond SMELLS and welcomes Swarms of Misquitos, so the beavers Must DIE. WE MUST SMASH THE TRAPS. COME AND HELP LIBERATE THE BEAVERS!!!!! RESIST
The Chicago Tribune reported today that a beaver family built a dam on Ferry Creek in Warrenville. Located North of Butterfeild and East of Rt.59. This dam created a shallow pond on the banks of Ferry Creek. Robert Omelson, President of the Edgebrook Homeowners Association, Asked the City council to get rid of the beavers. He said,"The Animals have...Created a home for them selves at the expense of the trees and the residents PEACE OF MIND." The residents are Bothered by the STENCH, and all the MISQUITO's the pond will create. Oh, and thet a tree might fall on someones fence.

The City council is employing B&H animal Wildlife Control. They are using 330 Coni-Bear traps. The Traps are placed where the beavers feed. They are box like and CRUSH the Beavers Neck as they pass through the trap. Not all beavers die instantly dispite what B&H say.

These Residents Cant get away with killing these beavers. First we destroy their habitats then we kill them because they are annoying thoose residents. What if thoose Residents are Annoying us with their traps? Can We set Suburban People Traps? Mabey, But until then We must steal, trigger and dismantel these traps. Email me if you want help, otherwise have fun Liberating the Beavers.



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