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N30 - MNBIO conference - Cargill, 3M, Novartis, Dow

November 30 - Minneapolis, MN - Call for dialogue and action - Coalition of biotechnology corporations MNBIO will meet for their next full conference at Radisson Hotel in Stadium Village, U of M, on N30!
For all concerned individuals and groups in the vicinity of Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN, and for those outside this region, the next biotechnology conference has been scheduled and announced by MNBIO (formerly Minnesota Biotechnology Association).

MNBIO, officially composed and representative of major biotechnology corporations, including Cargill, Dow, 3M, Novartis, and Medtronic, publicily denounced the recent passing of the organic foods resolution; MNBIO strongly opposed the "zucchini resolution", and pressured the mayor not to sign it. Fortunately, it was passed, although the capital presence of these major Minnesota-based corporations will surely prove to be instrumental in deterring implementation of more effective anti-GMO legislation in the future. (The organic foods resolution can be checked out here:

The aforementioned conference is planned to be held in the Radisson Hotel Metrodome, on Washington Ave in Stadium Village on the East Bank campus of the U of M in Minneapolis. The scheduled date is November 30. The recently
acquired significance of this date needs no further explanation here, but it is important to realize that the corporations represented by MNBIO are also strong supporters of free trade policy, and the WTO functions to
allow these corporations to perpetuate the profit-driven expansions that have led to widespread economic and environmental disaster at home and abroad. It is important that people consider starting a dialouge about how our views can (and should) be raised in opposition to MNBIO, and the corporations the group represents, while maintaining a focus on issues raised one year earlier in Seattle.

Taken from MNBIO newsletter "Breakthru":
MNBIO's Fall Conference, "Building Minnesota's Biotech Corridor: Ending the Detour," will be held Thursday, November 30, 2000. This full-day seminar will focus on the many aspects of building a successful biotech corridor in Minnesota.
Topics include:
-Minnesota Success Case Studies: Lessons Learned
-Intellectual Capital: Fuel for Growth
-Legislative Challenges to the Future of Biotech

I hope there are interested groups and individuals out there that want to discuss an interesting and creative way to raise a voice of opposition to these corporations and the umbrella PR and lobbying groups which allows the "intrapreneurial" ties to build and grow at the expense of the population.

Please pass this information on to any relevant lists and message boards.
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