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Police murder coverup and conspiricy

High level police coverup and conspiricy in volving the
Schaumburg Illinois Police dept.
The detective division to internal affairs to the high
command of the Schaumburg Police Dept. is dirty and
has been for 19 yrs.

The Schaumburg Police and others are involved in a criminal conspiricy ...... dirty tricks in a police
lineup " Trick Bag " false arrest and imprisonment [me]
lying to a grand jury, malicious prosecution [me]
Armed kidnaping, Deviate sexual assault, Rape and murder
of young women since the 1970,s. [including a child ]

I,ve been after the Schaumburg Police for 17 yrs.

" Sue the Bastards Blind "

This ongoing true story at times staggers the imagination
and spans 20 yrs.

Willis Earl Wilson former U S M C



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