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Federal Building Anti-War Action

Part 2 of my photo essay on todays Peace action. This is the civil disobediance. (article 1)
1. Andy Thayer being arrested. Andy is an activist with Chicago Anti-Bashing Network which focuses on confronting hate crimes, particularly against the gay community. I think it's awesome that solidarity can be found amongst all social justice groups.
2. The activists blockaded the entrances to the Federal Building by putting themselves in the pockets of the revolving doors.
3. Blocking the security gate. It looks like you could get lost anyway if you went in there. Lose your soul or something.
4. When I look at this picture I think of the Christ. An aspect of him not thought too much about is his resistance to the violence or the state in favor of love for others. When the Iraqi Holocaust Museum is built, let it be said that we resisted the genocide.
We have lived the dream myth of kill or be killed, an eye for an eye. But throughout existance people have come forth to remind us that our existance is based more upon a symbiotic communion with the Creation. If you are a pagan then say Mother Earth, if an Athiest then say evolution. It is the same, we are of a oneness. I ould ssay that it's one giant equation except for that life is expanding in character, even as we excercise the poor judgement of our free will i destroying it. Nature is infinite in it's variety. The humanity of the arrested man in the picture is so apparent in the surrounds of the Federal Building. Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's. Give the Iraqi people food because you should love your enemy. They are not my enemy. Food, not Bombs.
5. I don't know what to say.
6. Outside the windows as the arrests occurred the other folks gave support through singing and drumming as well as chants. I think it was rather emotional for a lot of people to be there. What happened today affects the lives of innocent people who have no say in the bombs that fall upon them.
7. No Blood For Oil.
Thanks for looking at my essay, I hope we can stop this thing. All pictures are available for non-profit social justice folks. Corporate media can pay full rates because I'm tired of broken cameras..peace



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