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COSTCO destroys...
the environment, art, local business and labor rights in Mexico.
COSTCO destroys...
the environment, art, local business and labor rights in Mexico.

The US corporation COSTCO, and its Mexican partner Comercial Mexicana, in the last few days have cut down hundreds of trees, many of which were over 100 years old, in order to build two mega-stores, and a parking lot for 1,210 cars, on the grounds of what was the Casino de la Selva Hotel in the center of Cuernavaca, Mexico.

COSTCO have already destroyed 1,400 square meters of murals in addition to the recent destruction of the trees; now they intend to pave the property with tens of thousands of tons of concrete converting what was the largest green area of Cuernavaca (95,000 square meters, equivalent to 23.5 acres) into a concrete slab.

Local vendors would be undercut by this multinational corporation which could potentially threaten thousands of local jobs employed by small and medium-sized local businesses.

A movement against the US-based retailer's
Cuernavaca expansion has grown rapidly since July 2001 as
a result of the company's disregard for historic
landmarks, the local economy and the environment.

The Mexico Solidarity Network is coordinating with the citizens of Cuernavaca a
tri-national boycott: in Mexico, Canada and USA. Defeat of the Costco plans would send a definitive message to transnational corporations that Mexico is not for sale.

DECEMBER 15. Take action in the US. Go to your local COSTCO and let people now about COSTCO'S UNETHICAL PRACTICES ABROAD. Actions are already building in Vancouver, Montreal, San Diego, and Chicago in response to this emergency call from Cuernavaca- JOIN IN - UNETE!

Distribute a flyer at COSTCO stores in your community, at your union local, club, Church, or with family and friends.

Download a flyer here:

Find out more about the struggle against COSTCO here: (Mexico) (USA)



Police Attack anti-Costco Protest in Cuernavaca: August 21st

A protest against the construction of a Costco mega-store
in Cuernavaca, Morelos was violently repressed by police
on August 21st, 2002.

Around 8:30 pm on August 21st about 450 state and local
police attacked a peaceful protest and arrested 32 people,
including one American, Charlie Goff.

Bail has been set at US$10,000 for Mr. Goff, director of a prominent Cuernavaca
Spanish-language school, US$5000 for Flora Guerrero, Mr. Goff's wife, and US$3000 for most of the other protesters.
Analysts note that bail was set in this fashion to give
the impression that an American was "leading" the protest,
and thus illegally meddling in Mexican affairs. In
contrast, the Mexican media has not portrayed Costco's and
other American corporations' presence in Mexico as
meddling or intrusive.

About 3000 people participated in the this protest.
More protests are planned to demand the
release of the detainees.

This protest was called one day after the city
issued Costco a building permit. Protesters allege that
Costco began clearing the site weeks ago. They say that
Costco clearing crews have already damaged the "Jungle
Casino", a disheveled park that contains historic murals
and architecture and is one of Cuernavaca's cultural

The construction would also down 600 trees in the city
center. The loss of these trees means habitat destruction
for 4 species of endangered birds and would be one more
blow to the environment of Cuernavaca, which is suffering
from uncontrollable sprawl. Costco's impact would be felt
by local vendors who will be clearly undercut by the new
store, threatening thousands of local jobs. Protesters say
that Cuernavaca already has 10 mega-stores, and that's
enough for them



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