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Cook County Nurses Prepare for Strike Vote

John Stroger, County Board President, gets new hospital named for him, but his nurses are not properly thankful for his largesse. City and county workers may look askance at pay raises for the bosses while workers get laid off.
County Nurses Prepare for Strike Vote

As county officials prepare to open a $623 million hospital on the west side of Chicago next week, nurses scheduled to work there plan to take a strike vote only days later.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony for John Stroger Hospital will be held on Wednesday, Dec. 11. Stroger Hospital will replace the 88-year-old historic Cook County Hospital, which is next door. The nurses' contract expired last year, and the union and the county are reportedly far apart.

Head of the negotiating committee for the local Illinois Nurses Association Tiffany Taylor says 500 of the hospital's 900 nurses have put their names on petitions seeking a strike vote. A date has not been set, but the goal is to hold the vote before the next negotiating session on Dec. 20. Taylor says the county has offered a wage hike of 5 percent over three years, but the union says that's not enough.



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