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The Loud Little Handful

The Loud Little Handful of people who want this war are dominating the media. Time for the "silent majority" to be heard.
23 cities have passed anti-war resolutions, including such diverse cities as Santa Fe, San Francisco, Washinton DC, Oakland and Detroit). Chicago is now considering such a resolution. All of Chicago's heads of ALL the major religions have recently published an unprecidented joint letter AGAINST this war. Major national bodies of religious heads, including the Conference of Catholic Bishops have published statements AGAINST this war. Senatator Durbin voted AGAINST this war and was easily re-elected, in fact, in the last election, Illinois swept in Democrats in all positions of power. The People of Illinois, and Chicago clearly do NOT support the Republican agenda of WAR. Time for us to make our voices heard, here, in Washington, in the world. This weekend there are numerous anti-war events (see previous article), MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD. SAVE OUR CHILDREN FROM THIS NEEDLESS AND IMMORAL WAR!



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