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Spread the Sanity!

Spread The sanity: Attack Global Warming Not Iraq!

Spread The Sanity: Attack Global Warming Not Iraq!

Concerned high school students in North Carolina have organized to circulate this commonsense message (Attack Global Warming Not Iraq!) around the world. We are using web postings, wall posters, flyers, graffiti, homemade bumper stickers, etc. In listening to people we have found they are extremely concerned about the environment, the world economy (talking point: alternative energy could be a great stimulus to an otherwise stagnant and destructive oil economy), and the destruction and pain of war. Please join us!

To make the stickers just print the above message in bold type twice on 8x11 printer paper, copy and cut down the middle. Ask that folks tape them to the inside back windows of their cars. We have had great success giving them out at our co-ops, progressive businesses, schools, and malls, everywhere!

We can change the world if we just use what is already available to us. We can be the media!

Stop The War Stop Global Warming Project



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