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Mini Buy Nothing Day in Naperville

About 10 folks gathered to commemorate BND in a bustling downtown shopping district. Heavy police presence but no hassles from authorities.
Naperville, IL

sooo, there was a call to action put out to show up for autonomous BND street action in downtown Naperville, Illinois on the evening of Nov. 29.

The website encouraged folks to show up at about 5pm in front of the [Burnes & Ignoble]sic at the corner of Washington and Chicago.

This action was set amidst the congestion and bustle of affluent shoppers and families passing from store to store along the lit and glittering avenues of a quaint if overpriced central shopping district that is fast becoming colonized by upscale corporate chains who drive up rents and make it difficult for a viable local economy to exist.

Police presence in the historic downtown was high as usual with plenty of squad cars and squad SUVs passing by every one or two minutes. Both uniformed and undercover police agents observed the corner at a distance, maintaining constant radio communication with other units.

At around 5pm. About 8-10 citizens, ostensibly present to commemorate BND assembled on the sidewalk in front of the corporate chain bookstore, milling amongst consumers and others waiting to cross the street at the intersection. A young woman handed out free BND fliers, which some people took and others refused. People socialized or talked to strangers. A young man in black uniform and black top hat solicited petition signatures for a local office.

After awhile of standing in the cold November wind, it was decided to move around. The small group headed north on Washington and then west on Jefferson, chatting with each other or strangers as they went along.

All the time, the group was trailed by NPD Detective Ken Keating and another, uniformed officer. Keating has become a regular attendee of many local and regional street demonstrations during the last 2 years, from Reclaim The Streets in Naperville, to the Mayors Conference last summer in Madison, Wisconsin, to the recent No-TABD protests in Chicago early last month.

Spirits were high despite the cold and despite some disappointment over the low turnout for this event.
The group dispersed around 6pm.

A tree lighting ceremony was held downtown by locals at around 7pm.



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