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anti-corporate, free radio exists in chicago

there is joyy in experiencing uncompromised communication from the people, rather than bizarre mind-control media who program you to wear designer clothes and eat 13$ hummous :)

i am your friend, the inevitable dj sux.

did you know if you live in the westtown area you can listen to pirate radio most weeknights?

you can! guerilla love radio: GLR 107.1 FM STEREO is on the air sun-tu and thu-fri from 6pm-midnight+.

there are a variety of shows which range fairly wide.

my show is called "locally challenged". i'm on tuesday night from 9pm to 10:30pm.

i like to play local music and read local poets, zines and activities.

we are always looking for more stuff to share and participate in.

please send us emails about local events BUT DO NOT ADD US TO ANY LISTS WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION...if you do our extra- gallactic tech support team will abduct you and you'll never eat organic food again.. I'M NOT KIDDING... there is no forgiveness...

if you have local music or literature contact: theinevitabledjsux (at)

send all newsworthy material to: glr107 (at)

remember... no lists.

corporate media weakens the heart and places unnecessary parameters on the mind. instill joyy upon the world by listening to and creating state (and statist) paralyzing free media!!! WAAAAHHOOOOOOOOOOOO!

listen to glr 107.1 fm

your friend, the inevitable dj sux =;]



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