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NYC Youth Organize

NYC students organize against war drive.
NYC Youth Organize Against Poverty Draft & War on Iraq
War could be just weeks away and young people from around the city are planning how to build a youth movement to stop it, how to stop the military recruiters' invasion of public schools, and how to put the money for bombs back where it belongs. Youth Bloc, a New York City-wide coalition of high school students and youth for peace, justice and empowerment, will be holding an emergency meeting Tuesday afternoon. The Bloc mobilized thousands of young people last spring for successful actions to stop the budget cuts to city schools, and co-sponsored the Nov. 20 Not In Our Name student walkout that clogged Broadway with over 2,000 anti-war protesters.

Student protests against the military and its use of a "poverty draft" to draw recruits from poor communities have already taken place in Bushwick and youth are taking the lead in organizing a Dec. 14 anti-war march in Washington Heights and Harlem. A similar resistance movement is also emerging in Washington D.C.
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