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The heads of ALL Chicago major religions have come-out against the war in Iraq. NOW is the time to contact YOUR (and every) aldeman to pass ANTI-IRAQ WAR RESOLUTION
Contact your, and every alderman at

on the left, go to ward number, and paste your letter from ward 1 thru 50. I've included my letter, but you can probably do better.

My letter:

I am writing this to urge you to pass a resolution against the War In Iraq.
To date, city councils of 22 American Cities have passed an Anti-Iraq War
Resolutions: (Detroit, MI ; Traverse City, MI ; Washington, DC; Sebastopol, CA ;
Berkeley, CA ; San Francisco, CA; Santa Cruz, CA; Ithaca, NY ; New Haven,CT;
Oakland, CA; Takoma Park, MD; Carrboro, NC; Haines Township, PA; Kalamazoo, MI;
Seattle, WA; Santa Fe, NM; Albuquerque, NM; Danby, NY; Madison, WI ; Santa
Barbara, CA; Arcata, CA; Burlington, VT ).
and an Anti-War Resolution is pending in:Baltimore, MD and Ann Arbor, MI .
The Conference of Catholic Bishops in September stated their opposition to a War In
Iraq, and Sunday, Dec.1st, 2002, The Religious Leaders Of Metropolitan Chicago ,
which represent the heads of all major religions in Chicago, wrote a letter stating their
opposition to a War In Iraq. (see AP release below).
One could argue against this war on economic terms, the $BILLIONS of dollars that
could be better spent helping Chicago, and Chicagoans, But I think the REAL argument is
MORAL. Do we really want OUR SONS to die in a needless war? YOU could help


(AP Release, Sunday, Dec.1, 2002)
Religious Leaders Urge Bush to Avoid War
Chicago Religious Leaders Unite in Letter Urging Bush to Avoid War
The Associated Press

C H I C A G O, Dec. 1 — In an unprecedented show of unity, Chicago's top Christian,
Jewish and Muslim leaders have drafted a joint letter urging President Bush to avoid war
with Iraq.
It is the first public statement on any national issue by the Council of Religious Leaders
of Metropolitan Chicago since the group was founded in 1984.
The letter was to be released Sunday at the Episcopal Cathedral of St. James. An advance
copy obtained by the Chicago Tribune read, in part: "In the present situation, conditions
justifying war have not been met. We still lack compelling evidence that Iraq is planning
to launch an attack ... We believe that there is ample time and latitude for pursuing
alternatives that could avoid warfare, saving untold thousands of lives."
Other religious groups also have voiced concerns about the possibility of war. The U.S.
Conference of Catholic Bishops acknowledged in September that Iraq posed a threat, but
said it would be difficult to justify a pre-emptive attack under Catholic teachings on
Signers of the Chicago letter include Cardinal Francis George of the Roman Catholic
Archdiocese of Chicago, Bishop William Persell of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago,
Rabbi Ira Youdovin of the Chicago Board of Rabbis, Metropolitan Iakovos of the Greek
Orthodox Diocese of Chicago, Bishop C. Joseph Sprague of the United Methodist Church
and Kareem Irfan, chairman of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago.
Irfan acknowledged that many Muslims would have preferred stronger wording.



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