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masters of our future

Oh. By all means, be of a mind where you would rather die than comply with corruption--- this is akin to the sadness the world has to face; there are consequences to being dependent on corruption in the first place- but we need to remember that it is the allowance of pride that creates suffering and that fear and anger are rooted in pride- therefore, when we move away from pride we find our fear lessening which points to our humility growing. In humility we find truth and when we find truth we find that happiness is real; revealing love- and with love fueling courage we find we are masters of our future knowing what we are; which IS God (A.K.A. the 4-dimensional infinite fractal singularity that likes making prettiness).

in the reality of a world of trust,



who IS you

PS: It is interesting to find that 'malevolence' is only ever a stubborn child.

It is resentment, itself, that stalls Heaven- before anything forgive everything... for, truly, there are no enemies- only children that don't know better. They don't know that it is pride that masks the guilt born of shirking one's responsibility to the world- which is to love unto death.

in love,




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