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The Eugene City Council Passes a Resolution Opposing the USA Patriot Act

By Jodi Unruh

New Anti-Terrorism Law Allows Police to Search Homes without a Warrant.
Downtown Eugene -
The Eugene City Council passed a resolution Monday night opposing the USA Patriot Act. Congress passed the legislation shortly after September 11th in hopes of cracking down on terrorism.

Eugene Councilors agreed to pass a resolution after listening to dozens speak out on the controversial anti-terrorism law during a public forum at the Eugene City Hall. Alexander Gonzales said, "If we grow up thinking that it's ok to profile, it's ok to subject people to searches, then what is ok?" Dawn Peebles said, "Now, ordinary citizens are fearful that the government can come into their homes without honoring the Bill of Rights."

Almost 2000 people had signed a petition asking the Eugene City Council to pass the Lane County Bill of Rights Defense Committee's Proposed Resolution. The document asks the US Attorney's Office and all federal, state, and local law enforcement officials to report to the City of Eugene the extent and manner in which they act under the new law. For instance, the resolution asks police to report the names and charges of any people being detained under the law, and to disclose the extent that federal authorities are monitoring political and religious gatherings in Eugene.

The new Eugene resolution is more symbolic than anything because officials don't have to comply with it. The document also asks Oregon Congressmen to try and revoke the law. 14 other local governments have passed similar resolutions.



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