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Contact Your Alderman To Have Chicago Pass An Anti Iraq War Resolution

Next Week an Anti-War Resolution is going to be presented to the Chicago City Council, details below, contact your alderman, and spread the word! (16 American cities have already passed anti war resolutions!)
Look, if like me, you’re frustrated by this war in Iraq, here’s something you can do! 22 American cities have already passed Anti-Iraq War resolutions!!! (including Washington DC,
Seattle, Santa Fe, San Francisco, Oakland,Berkeley CA and most recently
Madison WI). CALL or WRITE your (and every!) Chicago Alderman saying you want Chicago to pass
an Anti-War Resolution. IMPORTANT! If you (or if you know someone who knows Daley) contact Daley and persuade him to back an Anti-War Resolution. It’s more than just money lost to Chicago because of this war, it’s the young lives that will be lost, (your life,or your sons’ and daughters’ lives) lost for a needless war. (It’s a moral thing!)

Let’s make Chicago the next city that stands up and says NO to this war!!!

Take the time to make a difference. Tell your friends. Call and/or write your ( and every!) alderman because “all politics is local” and this is something YOU CAN DO!!!
SO DO IT !!!! (and contact Daley!)

Contact info at:

(“select a ward”)



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