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Un-Thanksgiving: celebrate with us!

The Bee Hive Design Collective is coming to Chicago
> on November 26-28!!
Have no plans? Avoiding traditional "thanks for
nothing" day? Just want yummy vegan food? Curious
about what people in other countries are NOT thankful
for? (Sorry about last minute ... )

> The Bee Hive Design Collective is coming to Chicago
> on November 26-28!!
> This unique collective from Maine, will present an
> animated storytelling of
> their latest graphic "Plan Colombia". Complete with
> a picture book five feet
> tall and a larger than life banner, the bees will
> take you on a tour of Plan
> Colombia that is as visually memorable as it is
> disturbing. Their
> illustration relates the long history of colonialism
> in the Americas, the
> relentless extraction of natural resources and
> unparalleled herbicidal
> fumigations, the facade of the drug war, and the
> myths of free trade.
> See the corporate face of the United States, from
> the perspective of the
> people living in the rest of the Americas. Answers
> to many questions,
> including why other countries have substantial
> reasons to despise the U.S.
> for more than simply our "freedom", can be
> considered here.
> Don¹t miss this opportunity to hear and meet one of
> the most inspiring and
> passionate design collectives around today!
> >
> November 28th, 7:00 p.m. (in conjunction with the
> UN-Thanksgiving Dinner)
> A-Zone, 2129 N. Milwaukee Ave
>, tel: 773-235-7370 contact: ally
> >
> For more info concerning the Chicago screenings,
> call 312.933.3541.
> For more info on the Bee Hive Design Collective
> visit



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