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The attacks on the WTC, APS, and the onset of overt totalitarianism is all of the same ball of wax.
It's really incredible that the human race has come so far in television indoctrination/brainwashing that probably more than 99% of the population (at least in the U.S.) believe that the attack on the WTC was carried out by "islamic terrorists." Ultimately what this translates to is the WTC was attacked by "aberrent individuals." This continues a long history of individuals being scapegoated, blamed, and manipulated by the U.S. government's secret security appatus to transform the political/legal landscape into something more palatable to its principles and operatives. However the entire story is more like bad television fiction than reality. Real human beings don't behave in the way the individuals (real or not as real as imagined by the popular mind, since it's well known the passenger lists don't verify the government claims) are alleged to have behaved on 911. Unfortunately the mindset of human bipeds in modern society is such that they will solely believe stories which are similar to those they've seen played out on television or in movies.

Only the puppet masters behind the screen know what really happened on 911, so I say it is the height of foolishness to buy the official line that "terrorist" individuals--- who after all didn't have the means-- did it. There is absolutely not one shred of evidence, all allegations can and probably were fabricated through known technology (re cell phone calls, setting up individuals to take the blame, synthetic videos, etc.) To top it off one sees that the U.S. government is engaged in psychological warfare on an ongoing basis to back this program of lies. Contrary to popular belief by e.g. liberal leftists who aren't as knowledgeable as they imagine themselves to be, the U.S. government's secret intelligence agencies and defense department teams are highly competent, sagacious, and insightful operatives who are capable of manipulating indiviuals, groups, and even entire nations psychologically in order to achieve their goals. For instance the strike on the Bali discotheques, the hostage-taking in Moscow, and now the latest the rioting in Nigeria by Muslims can all be attributed to CIA psychological warfare tactics. For it is not at all unlikely that the "best compromise" outcome for what people believe about 911 would in effect be that it was a type of government sting operation, in which the goverment knew it was going to happen, but didn't stop it since it needed the additional police state powers it would receive thereby to wage war against "terrorism" more efficiently.

This I maintain is the real lie that should be avoided at all costs. It is essential to realize that there really isn't any solid evidence linking the alleged individuals (Mohammed Atta et. al.) to the events of 911. There is however a lot of government disinformation. Not only is there the psychological warfare events mentioned above, but one can also cite the "foreknowledge" claimed in the corporate (controlled) media by intelligence agencies of other countries as misleading at best, but more likely to be either mutual backscratching (the CIA equivalent in Russia surely doesn't want a free society to be put out of business by, would they?), or at worst simply outright disinformation put out by CIA operatives in other governments, and their foreign journalist operatives. True, the U.S. goverment claims that it has the evidence, but withholds it for "security reasons." Are you going to believe this and voluntarily let them take all your liberties based on this good faith belief in your fellow human biped? Not a good idea!

So it brings me to the theme of this article, WTC and APS. For I claim that the attack on the World Trade Center is politically very close to the use of Active Physical Surveillance (APS) in American society (and other advanced anglo societies where mass shootings by "aberrent individuals" alleged to have been "mentally ill" has coincided with a downwards slide into de facto police states) for the last two decades. APS (for more information click ) is used to manipulate, control, neutralize, torture, and isolate individuals in modern society who are deemed too different, too individualisitic, too "off beat" to ever be permitted to be left alone. The modern state's security apparatus has thus taken on for itself the role of destroying the lives of individuals in order to broaden its power base and take on knew projects, and powers throughout the world. APS uses high technology to psychologically destroy individuals and relies on the pseudoscientific, corporate establishments of "science and academia" to rubber stamp these cases as "obvious mental illness," while working out the kinks in this novel and far-reaching new system of political control, and in training its operatives in its use. It is thus believed that this type of treatment of individuals known as TI's (targetted individuals) allows the government to learn about how to simulate "mental illness" and how to drive indiividuals such as Kip Kinkel, and many many other individuals over the edge in order to establish stringent new anti-gun ownership laws on the road to a complete totiltarian police state.

Now it's clear if this is all plausible-- and I realize that unfortunately to most people for various reasons stemming from lack of sufficient background this will be not at all plausible-- that big totalitarian government and society's self-proclaimed elites are using technology combined with pseudoscience and the fabrication of fraudulent history in order to transform society in a fundamental way. Whether or not there's a "conspiracy" to do this or it is natural in the instinct of human bipeds to "bundle together" in fascist groups, against individuals, thereby forming hierarchies founded on egostatistical exercise of power, blind obediance to authority, and reverent true belief in "experts" is anyone's guess. Nevertheless it's quite clear that the events of WTC, having been synthesized from the very beginning in every way, including the use of remote control technology on the airplanes, is very closely associated as a political and historical phenomenon with the use of APS technology by modern governments to synthesize "mental illiness" in individuals it deems to dangerous to its own aims to permit to survive and flourish.




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