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Show Quickly Withered Under's Internet, Protest and PR Campaign. The organizers of the Stop Dr. Laura campaign claimed victory today as the "Dr. Laura" TV show was cancelled by Paramount Studios.
Washington,DC -- The organizers of claimed final victory today as the "Dr. Laura" TV show was cancelled by Paramount Studios.
"We set out to inform America about the true nature of her rhetoric. Through ratings and advertising clout, Americans said 'no' to Schlessinger," said John Aravosis, an Internet consultant and co-founder of
Launched just one year ago, received millions of visitors, generated thousands of media hits, and spawned street protests nationwide. The group's site featured celebrity statements, contact information for TV stations and advertisers, and resources for media. Most importantly, the site focused attention on Schlessinger's own statements.
"People responded with more than mouse clicks, they got active," said Robin Tyler, a Producer, and co-founder and national protest coordinator for the group. "From the gates of Paramount Studios to smaller TV stations, our community protested in cities all over the country to cancel Schlessinger's show." Using the website to communicate, activists organized protests through the spring and summer, culminating in Stop Dr. Laura National Days of Protest on Sept. 9-11, with protests in 31 cities.'s efforts led directly to over 100 advertiser pullouts in the United States. Schlessinger cited the advertising boycott as a key reason for her show's failure.
"We generated a lot of press about her worst statements, and advertisers didn't want to read about themselves in the same sentence," said Joel Lawson, a public relations consultant and co-founder of the group. "The web site fueled protests, the protests fueled media coverage, and the coverage fueled more interest in the web site. We hit PR nirvana."
One group's nirvana became Paramount's nightmare. Over 17,000 e-mails from visitors flooded the company, along with thousands of phone calls, often sent to executives' private lines.
"In this time of dot-com failures, I like to think we were one of the pure success stories," said Aravosis.
Along with Aravosis, Lawson and Tyler, was founded by Alan Klein, a public relations consultant, and William Waybourn, a publisher of gay newspapers. Andy Thayer served as assistant national protest organizer and John Selig helped to coordinate the advertiser boycott.



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