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As the international momentum grows in the movement against globalization, ten people protesting in Chicago on S26 have found themselves facing the state led sanctions of criminal charges...We must show solidarity and organize against this repression!
Defend The Niketown 9 + 1!!!

The Chicago Direct Action Network will be holding a meeting tonight (10/03) that will include discussion on the defense and possible solidarity actions to support the Chicago 9 + 1, so called for the nine defendants charged with “Masking”, and one defendant charged with Aggravated Assault (Assault On A Police Officer). The meeting will take place at the New World Resource Center, located at 2600 W. Fullerton in Chicago at 7:00.

The ten charges were given to an array of activists that were arrested while protesting outside of Niketown, on Michigan Ave. The protests were called to draw attention to Nike’s practice of employing children and massively underpaid workers in their overseas factories to boost the bottom line of Nike Corporation here at home. The protests were also part of a larger day of solidarity actions against the World Bank and the International Monatary Fund that were meeting in Prague.

Although stories about how and why the arrests were carried out have varied, there is wide agreement that people were mainly targeted for their use of masks, something that police have used to identify them with the anti-capitalist black block demonstrators that have become synonymous with militant disruption of trade meetings such as the WTO meeting in Seattle, and the World Bank/IMF meetings in Washington D.C. this last spring. It should be noted, however, that many of the people who were arrested were not wearing masks, and may have found themselves targeted for more political reasons stemming from the affiliation of their demonstration with the growing movement against globalization.

The Chicago Direct Action Network is calling for support of the arrested, with hopes of bringing greater attention to the harms of capital directed globalization, as well as the increasing repression against the activists within the anti-globalization movement. ChiDAN is hoping to facilitate an organized response to the arrests of the Niketown 9 + 1, and wishes the participation of anyone who feels connected to the arrestees and their call for economic and civil justice around the world.

For more information call (847)733-9385, or attend the ChiDAN planning meetings that will be ongoing from the initial court dates on October 24th, through the entirety of the legal process.



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