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URGENT: House Leaders Strand 800,000 Jobless Workers

The leaders of the U.S. House of Representatives are
ready to adjourn Friday without acting on a bipartisan
Senate proposal to extend unemployment aid for 800,000
jobless workers who will lose their benefits Dec. 28.
Every worker with a sense of what's right should be
outraged at the House leaders' Scrooge-like choice
to head home for the holidays while destroying the
holidays for desperate workers. And President George
W. Bush is doing nothing--absolutely nothing--to help
the jobless workers. PLEASE ACT IMMEDIATELY to let
President Bush and House leaders--Speaker Dennis Hastert
(R-Ill.), Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-Texas) and
Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-Texas)--know that their
callous action is shameful. Click the link below to
fax them NOW:

Unless House leaders change their minds suddenly and
take up the Senate-approved measure extending federal
emergency unemployment benefits for three months, an
additional 90,000 unemployed workers every week will
run out of their regular benefits--and they will have
no jobs or federal emergency benefits to fall back
on. They'll join the ranks of 1 million others who
have lost their jobs and their regular and emergency

PUT THE PRESSURE ON. Tell President Bush and the House
Republican leaders they can wait long enough to start
their holiday vacation to extend this lifeline for
jobless workers. Click here:

Almost no time remains in this session of Congress.
But it wouldn't take much time to be decent leaders
and agree to the Senate's three-month extension of
emergency unemployment benefits. And somehow they found
time to sneak a $2 billion gift for rich drug companies
into the homeland security bill!

Please act now. Please urge others you know to act
as well. Click here to forward this e-mail to others:

(Normally we would not even consider sending you two
e-mails in one day. But when we sent the Wal-Mart e-mail
to you earlier today we did not imagine the House leaders
would make the immoral choice they have and basically
tell jobless workers: "Tough luck. We're going home.")

Visit the web address below to tell your friends, family
and co-workers about this.

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