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A Start to the Global Debt Solution....

KISS - Keep it simple and smart!

There is a simple more effective way to have a Global Debt Solution

- By A.N. Opinion.

1. Immediate elimination of all Central Banks that use fractional money that interposes debt instruments for the creation of money.

2. Take direct control over the money supply by Governments not private bankers. Thus instead of buying central banks from bankers, simply cancel the charters..

3. Eliminate interest charges. Instead charge one time fees for making loans. Central Banks make no loans and are tied to the overall value of economy in order to be able to issue money at anyone's request - public or private. Thus put the GNP in lock step with money issued.

4. Recognize the fact that the world forgot that the United States declared bankruptcy in 1933 and all debts from that time forward are cancelled.

5. Measure issuance of money based on the total value of the economy. There would need be a baseline to start with. Peg the value of all money once and for all time. Make inflation impossible.

6. Teach politicians and legislators about all the forms of banking. If they fail to pass the knowledge test they cannot be considered as candidates for office. No exceptions at any level of government.

7. No more political appointees running the new central bank. They must be elected by the people after they pass the banking exam.

8. Elimination of all the members of the regional branches of the Federal Reserve.

9. In as much as we are an imperialist nation, no longer accept Euros. Instead those banks either do what we do or pay us in Gold and Silver.

10. Find out who is financing terrorists. Immediately eliminate their currency and trade from the World Community no matter who they are.

11. Seize their property and banks. Classify what they are doing as "weapons of mass destruction."

12. Eliminate tax preference for non-profits including all religious institutions. No exceptions.

13. Put in place funding for government at its source. Government can run without taxes of any kind. Simply apportion its needs and give it money from the new Fed. All spending must be transparent. National budgets must
be voted on by the people. No exceptions.

14. Bring back the literacy test. If you cannot understand, read or write you have no right to vote. Every citizen has the responsibility to keep abreast of current events and to be literate. No excuses. The standard
would be an eighth grade education with basic understanding that you cannot spend more money than you have.

15. A continuous Constitutional Convention. One which is voted upon every year and is a real contract in every sense.

16. Direct elections. No more proxy elections with the electoral college. No more redistricting without the consent of the people.

17. No acts of war without consent of the people by a majority vote. No tricks as to what is the majority.

18. Should government ever suggest that debt is necessary for its functioning then it must cut services until it is in balance with the money it is given or if more money is required then all spending is subject to national vote. No exceptions.

19. No more foreign aid.

20. No more foreign military bases.

21. Greatly reduced military budget.

22. No more secret service services and shadow government.

23. Referendum on any politician in real time should they no do the will of the people. The people at their discretion can change the politician should they become displeased with him or her. They can be turfed out with

30 days notice and replaced.

This is a start.



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