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Boycott Salvation Army Protest, 11/29

Boycott the Salvation Army by turning your holiday donations away from them until they stop their bigotry against gays and lesbians.
Oppose Salvation Army Anti-Gay Hate! PROTEST!

The day after Thanksgiving - Friday, 11/29

The Salvation Army:

* Fires employees for being Gay;

* Denies equal employment benefits to Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual employees, and denies equal employment opportunities and pay for women;

* Justifies this discrimination by reference to the most backward interpretations of Christianity, citing "our Biblical and traditional position" against Lesbians, Gays and unmarried couples, according to Commissioner Lawrence Moretz of the Chicago Salvation Army; and

* Receives government funding - our tax dollars - while discriminating against us.

Protest the Salvation Army's collection of money to fund this hate. Rally at 12 noon on the busiest shopping day of the year, the day after Thanksgiving, at the corner of State & Randolph Streets, Chicago.

This protest is sponsored by the Chicago Anti-Bashing Network. We urge everyone to STOP giving to the Salvation Army, and INSTEAD give their charitable dollars to organizations which don't discriminate. Such agencies include:

* The Howard Brown Health Center, which provides free or low-cost medical care to the LGBT community. Send checks to HBHC at 4025 N. Sheridan, Chicago, IL 60657, or patronize one of the Brown Elephant Resale Stores: 5228

N. Clark, 3939 N. Ashland, or 3651 N. Halsted, all in Chicago (773.388.1600).

* Open Hand Chicago, which provides "meals on wheels" for people with AIDS.

Send checks to 1648 W. Howard, Chicago, IL 60626(773.665.1000).

* GoodWill Industries of Metropolitan Chicago, Inc, which provides free job training and job placement for low-income individuals. Send checks to 1001 W. Van Buren, Chicago, IL 60607-2900 (312.491.2900).

* The Council for Jewish Elderly, 3003 W. Touhy, Chicago 60645(773.308.1000).

Protest organized by the Chicago Anti-Bashing Network. Call 888.471.0874 or e-mail CABNstopthehate (at) if you would like to help organize for the protest.

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can it, they do more than anyone else

by plank 7:29pm Sat Nov 16 '02 comment#16352

rcplank (at)

How was your sexuality brought up? asked for on the app. or a sign in the window saying stay away?

I went through a rough time in my life and they helped me. I cant believe they asked you about that.

Where did this occur? and who are you. perhaps it was one persons error, why soil this noble and selfless nonprofit that helps so many?.

That is very wrong. accept it. Fuck your dog for all I care. Dont do it in front of me, or expect me to accept it in my home.


Dogs, Planker ?

by . 11:06pm Sat Nov 16 '02 comment#16359

phone: ?

It means you are acceptable on your knees, but can't be part of the administration if you are gender variant or like your own gender. They should have a sign on the administrative office door that says THE MORALITY STOPS HERE.


A Message for Plank

by Gerald Craig C. Farinas 6:47pm Tue Nov 19 '02 comment#16452

I do agree that the Salvation Army does a lot of good. But good deeds cannot make up for an inherent evil, i.e., discriminating people for something that is utterly out of personal control (like someone's sexuality). The Catholic Church itself came out with a document that stated that homosexuality is "not a choice but a natural trait of birth, and thus cannot be deemed sinful." Go to the Unites States Conference of Catholic Bishops and you'll find the document there. Gay rights are fundamentally, human rights. The actions of the Salvation Army are thus acts against the dignity of humanity.

I must add one more petition. The note made against me implied that I, as the author of the "pro-gay rights announcement," was myself gay. This action is entirely heterosexist and cannot be condoned. The public must understand that one does not have to be gay to be an advocate for gay rights. DO NOT ASSUME that because someone is fighting on the front lines against GLBT hate, that means that person is GLBT!

Again, I call for everyone with a vested interest in seeing the Salvation Army's hateful actions end, please join us at the Thanksgiving protest.




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