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Commentary: Bush election-rigging dynasty

"Let no election go unstolen" is the motto that best describes the Bush family involvement in politics over the past two decades.
The "October Surprise" was the strategy formulated by the Carter Administration to help win reelection in 1980. The surprise was a deal worked out with Iranian leaders to release 52 embassy hostages in October, 1980, creating a fervor in the superficial minds of the American electorate that would sweep Carter back into the White House for a second term. The Republican party is not exactly awash in Rhodes Scholars, but it was alert enough to see the writing on the wall. For it, winning is everything. Honesty is nothing.

Enter George Herbert Walker Bush, vice presidential candidate on the Reagan ticket. Bush had been ambassador to China. He also had been head of the CIA. The State Department and the CIA are the U.S. experts on rigging elections. They do it all the time, especially in Third World nations and even more enthusiastically if a nice juicy corporation-friendly dictator has offered his services for sale.

Bush negotiated a better deal with Iran. It later became know as "arms for hostages." While Ronnie was campaigning on a platform that he would never deal with terrorists, his V.P. candidate was dealing with terrorists. While Jimmy Carter's negotiation timing was of questionable judgement, it was legal. Bush and Reagan's negotiations were not legal. They were subversive and treasonous.

Iran chose the better deal and the hostages were held three additional months. The hostages were released on the day Ronald Reagan was sworn in as president.

Bush won the election in 1988 after conspiring to conceal the Savings and Loan Scandal for two years, allowing the debt that would be paid off by honest taxpayers to climb by billions of dollars.

It was no surprise when the 2000 election was decided by a massive crime wave centered in Florida under the watchful eye and sleezy, well-tutored hand of Jeb Bush. The election was as fine-tuned as a CIA or State Department orchestrated government overthrow in a Banana Republic. Five justices appointed by Reagan and Bush rushed in where their strict-constructionist philosophy kept them out in other similar cases. In a decision written with the logic of a three-year-old, they handed the election to Bush.

The obedient, subservient "opposition party" and news media immediately began a cover-up and damage control program. The Democratic Party (more appropriately, the Pathetic Party), called for unity under the new Kleptocracy. The media grandly announced that it would recount the votes. However, it only counted the questionable undercount votes. It ignored the more obvious overcounts which usually had a name clearly punched and the same name written in the "write-in candidate's name." block. If a voter mistook write-in for a verb (write is a verb) or had vision problems and couldn't distinguish the dash, that voter could have misunderstood the instruction and written out the candidate's name disqualifying the vote.

Another obvious election crime was ignored by corporation-owned media in the U.S. but widely reported in other nations. Florida hired a conservative corporation to develop a list of felons. Felons are not allowed to vote in Florida. 64,000 people, mostly minorities, appeared on the list and were stricken from the voting roles. Foreign reporters checked the list and found that almost none of those listed were felons.

The U.S. government was hijacked by a band of criminals. Democracy, albeit a perverted form, was replaced with a kleptocracy. Not a single tank or jet plane was needed to do it. Most Americans still have no clue that they don't live in a democracy.



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