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A lession from history is that we must resist before it's too late!

Sat, Nov 23

Kent Law School
565 W. Adams
9:00a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

USA 2002:

Under the banner of “safeguarding our security”, civil liberties are being steamrolled:

- Arab and Muslim communities are terrorized by roundups, secret detentions and the shut down of institutions

- FBI invades libraries, surveils the Internet and plans to infiltrate your political group

- Political use of Taft-Hartley law to attack port workers’ union rights

- Racial profiling is back with a vengeance, while increased police crackdown targets Black & Latino youth

- Dissent criminalized, as protesters and strikers threatened with terrorism charges

- Immigrant workers harassed by INS and Social Security Administration

- College professors are fired for saying the wrong thing

- Foreign students jailed for not maintaining full class load

- At home and abroad, the government adopts doctrine of “preemption” – strike first, worry about evidence later

Keynote Speakers:

Michael Shehadeh: One of the LA 8, supporter of the Palestinian people threatened with deportation for over a decade only to now be reinvestigated under the USA PATROIT ACT. .Former West Coast Regional Director of the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee.

Clark Kissinger: Member of the National Council of Refuse & Resist!, an organizer of Not In Our Name Statement of Conscience, long time fighter for political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Lynne Stewart: A people’s lawyer who has been indicted for conspiracy based on her legal representation of Islamic cleric Abdel Rahmen. This is meant to intimidate other lawyers from representing people targeted by the state

Repression and Resistance 2002 will bring together the many sections of people under attack to UNITE, strategize and take our resistance to a whole new level to STOP the onslaught of repression.

Workshops (with partial list of speakers):

Attacks on Arabs, Muslims, and South Asians: Matt Piers (attorney for Benevolence International Foundation), Jim Fennerty (National Lawyers Guild)

International Solidarity in the Crosshairs: Vicky Cervantes (Columbia Solidarity Committee), Jennifer Asidao (League of Filipino Students), Mahmud Ahmad (Free Palestine Alliance)

Historical Perspectives on Repression & Resistance in Wartime: Sam Ozaki (Japanese-American survivor of WWII era concentration camps), Michael Deutsch (People’s Law Office), Standish Willis (National Conference of Black Lawyers)

Youth on the Frontlines: Street-Level Media, Ora Schub (attorney, Northwestern University Juvenile Law Clinic)

Under Attack on the Job and in Our Communities: Fred Tsao (IL Coalition for Immigrant & Refugee Rights), Emma Lozano (Sin Fronteras)

Big Brother is Watching: Don Goldhamer (Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights), Ann Christoferson (President, National Bookseller’s Association), Lynn Stewart

To endorse Repression & Resistance 2002 email your organization’s name, address, phone, and contact information to: NoWarNoRepression (at) or call 312-939-0675 for more information.

$25 suggested for endorsement
$10/sliding scale registration fee



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