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MAD PRIDE event Saturday at A-Zone!

An event commemorating Mad Pride (which you may have read about in a special Adbusters issue this year) at the Autonomous Zone & getting a new group, Chicagoland Alliance for Psychiatric Alternatives, started
Mad Lib & Chicagoland Alliance for Psychiatric Alternatives present Mad Pride 2002
Saturday, Nov. 16 opens at 7:00 p.m.
The Autonomous Zone, 2129 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago
Suggested donation $6/no one turned away

Speakers and discussion on the psychiatric consumer/ survivor movement
Videos, including the acclaimed 1999 documentary by Rhonda Collins, We Don't Live Under Normal Conditions
Art and free literature on mental health issues
Homemade food (vegan)

Mad Pride is an annual worldwide celebration of psychiatric patient/survivor culture and resistance to coercive psychiatry. It's actually celebrated in July, but there's no reason we can't do it now! With the recent attention in Chicago to corporate globalization, people need to know that psychiatry is teaming up with the World Bank, World Health Organization, and drug companies to push the US's mental "health" system around the globe. Learn about and speak up for alternatives!

For more information contact Katherine at 773/227-9374 or hoydenish (at)
Mad Lib * PO Box 642222 * Chicago IL 60601
Look for the new and CAPA website coming soon!
For now check out &



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